Sunday, October 14, 2018

BasketBall is LIFE - A single player cannot win championships: neither your company

This year 2018 there was a great FIFA World Cup, France end up with an amazing team.  In the other end we saw Argentina not quite making it even with Messi or Ronaldo having games that It was nice to see the individual performance, but still didn't cut it! It didn't make Portugal champion.

LeBron James looses 4-0 NBA finals? 
How so? The other players are fantastic, he might currently be the best basketball player in the world. 


The world is yelling us all aloud:

You need a Tribe! A Culture!

Why schools still focus on academic individual performance?

You can try to do things yourself every once in a while, not too often.
When you do it, make yourself accountable of not moving the energy around, It's the team that creates the impossible product, the enjoyment of wanting to be part of that tribe, part of that journey.

Working with rockstars or being one is a great opportunity to explain this metaphor.  A team needs to scale beyond a single skillful individual.  Magic will never come from a single contributor, no matter what position or payment is involved.

Miracles happen when every team mate tries to make others better than its own self.

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