Saturday, March 22, 2014

Grow is priority! not just for the market...

While looking at changes and companies priorities, Its very noticeable the huge importance of Growth, not only in well stablished companies but startups finance,

Growth is a critical factor on stockholders and investors eyes.

From employees eyes sometimes this gets interpreted as "insatiable investors", just hungrier every day for more money: "money money money"

Although the exclusive goal of money is not too inspiring (for some :) the strategy of raising the priority of Growth is pretty neat!

I think We should be using the same pattern across the life decisions we make, It's not about "money money money"   but WEALTH and making sure we always challenges ourselves with curiosity, no comfort zone, no blind todays priority focus, stay cuirious:
Am I using my Unlimited capacity in the best possible way?
  • Where am I investing my time?
  • What company Do you work for?
  • What company concept should you start?
  • What school should your kids go to?
  • What communities do you help and help you grow?
What Do you want your career to go or your company where you invest time?

Blockbuster or Netflix? Blockbuster decided to stay as the best while the underdog didn't get discourage for its small size but got very excited from the grow factor.  It's not easy, they need now to realize how to keep moving? when should you kill the golden cow to go for the risky new thing.

What should every one do? I do not know, I just know that the awareness and appreciation for the value for how we invest our time and plan in the future, makes a difference!

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